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Is Theft a Felony in Arizona?

Our general idea about what constitutes theft is when you purposefully take an object which belongs to someone else without first getting permission from the owner. In Arizona, however, the law is not that simple. Many acts which you might consider less likely to cause harm, or even actions which could fit in the “grey” area of right or wrong, depending on the circumstances, could often lead to felony or misdemeanor charges that are just as severe as normal theft.

According to the statute 13-1802(A) of Arizona, there are several actions which still count as theft, including cases where you knowingly:

  • Make use of the services, property, or items belonging to a different owner for a greater period of time than they originally gave permission

  • Utilize an owner’s services or property another person's property or services for a longer period of time than you were given permission for

  • Handling the services, property, or object in a method that the owner did not originally intend or give consent

  • Deceitfully gaining access to the services or property that belong to someone else in order to eventually keep the items for yourself

  • Make use of the services or property of someone where there is an available opportunity to provide monetary compensation, but you do not offer any pay

  • Seize someone else’s items or property out of the design to deprive them of it

  • Take control of another person's property with the intent to keep it from them

  • Own objects which you have a reasonable belief were stolen from somebody else

Defense Against Theft Charges

We all know that when it comes to property and belongings, mistakes and misunderstandings can and do occur all the time. Perhaps an item fell into your shopping basket by mistake, or your toddler carried out a toy without your knowledge. Alternatively, you might have believed an item was offered for free, or that the owner was giving or lending it to you, only to be horrified by the fact that they now claim you are a thief.

Here at the Law Office of Christopher M. Jeffrey, we are keenly aware that so often terrible allegations arise from simple accidents. When you are being charged for theft, call us immediately so we can defend your rights.

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