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Have you been accused by law officials of carrying, using, or selling illegal controlled substances? Have police officers appeared to discover drugs in your home or in your car that you had never even seen before? Unfortunately, many defendants happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and accidentally get involved in a serious drug-related crime.

When you are facing a mounting claim of this kind of accusation, you must immediately contact our determined drug crime attorney in Tucson. You can be assured that the Law Office of Christopher M. Jeffrey is ready to support you and help you prepare for the most successful outcome for your case.

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Types of Drugs in Arizona

Excluding marijuana, which possesses its own laws and charges, there are two primary classifications of drugs – narcotics and more “dangerous” drugs. Narcotics would include any man-made or naturally derived drugs such as heroin, cocaine, morphine, oxycodone, and opium. If you get caught with one of these drugs, you will most likely be charged with at least a Class 4 or potentially a higher felony, depending on what drug was found on your person.

“Dangerous drugs” include LSD, meth, compounds for hallucination purposes, ecstasy, meth, and even steroids. Possessing these kinds of drugs is also often considered a Class 4 felony.

Common Arizona Drug Charges

While most people associate drug crimes with simply possession charges, there are actually several distinct categories which your accusation may fall under.

The most typical kinds of drug charges in Arizona include:

  • Possession of drugs – The severity of the conviction and resulting penalties is distinctly dependent not only on the individual classification but on the amount as well.

  • Possession with the intent of sale – Anyone can be accused of possessing a controlled substance in order to sell it, so long as they have an amount of the drug which exceeds the apparent statutory standard. Since prosecutors need only to demonstrate that you were carrying “too much” of a substance, they can simultaneously claim this equates a pre-determined goal of selling the drug.

  • Transportation of drugs – If drugs have been found in your vehicle, this can immediately turn into a claim that you are trafficking drugs, even if they were planted, left there accidentally by another individual, or being used for recreational purposes. Those caught with carrying more than the supposed threshold amounts of drugs can even be convicted of a Class 2 felony.

Advocacy You Can Rely On

Unfortunately, even though drug crimes are victimless in the sense that they do not automatically create situations of violence and suffering the way an assault or burglary crime might, judges and juries tend to be extremely biased against defendants in drug crime cases. Even if you are completely innocent, you already have the majority against you, simply on account of stereotypes. You can count on your determined drug crime lawyer in Tucson to advocate passionately for you and your reputation.

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