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Family can be either your closest ally or your fiercest foe. In a perfect world, the intimacy of familial relationships should bring people closer together, but sadly it can also drive them apart, even to the point of making false accusations of violence.

At the Law Office of Christopher M. Jeffrey, we have witnessed terrible domestic violence allegations made on account of jealousy, greed, or simple spite. If you have been accused in this manner, you need to immediately contact our reliable Tucson domestic violence lawyer in order to get the aggressive support you need to fight a domestic violence charge before it costs you your job, reputation, or even your freedom.

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Defining Domestic Violence in Arizona

It is important to know that in the state of Arizona, the term “domestic violence” technically does not mean physical violence has always taken place, but rather a conflict has occurred between parties where a “domestic” relationship exists.

Some of the most common examples of domestic relationships that would come under this category include:

  • The defendant and the alleged victim are currently married to each other, or used to be married, or else have lived together in the same home in the past or in the present

  • The defendant and the alleged victim are parents of one or more children (including instances where one person is currently pregnant by the other)

  • The defendant is related to the alleged victim through a blood or court-ordered relationship of adoption, whether as a parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild

  • The defendant is related to the alleged victim through a marriage, not only including parents-in-law or siblings-in-law, but through step-relationships or half-marriages (such as a step-grandchild, or a half sibling)

Tucson Domestic Violence Charges

In Tucson, claims of domestic violence are dealt with extremely harshly. The moment that you have been charged with domestic violence, you are forced to bear a heavy burden of a reputation for being cruel and violent, even if no physical or emotional trauma actually took place. You could even be accused of having “domestic violence” in your home simply for having an argument with another person in your family.

What we have often seen occurring is that an oral argument can escalate as emotions rise, and sometimes one party will call the police out of misguided fear or anxiety, or in some cases, anger and malice. Suddenly, the police can appear at your door, arresting one or both of you, and even taking away your children to Child Protective Services. Yet even though in many of these cases, there was no actual incident of assault, criminal damage, or intimidation, the consequences are severe and can last months, if not years.

Tucson Domestic Violence Penalties & Defenses

Some of the penalties in store for those who are facing domestic violence charges include not being able to see their family members, serving probation under supervision, and being subject to close monitoring. In addition to regular counseling and community service, a defendant will usually have to pay enormous fees and fines, as well as spend time in jail. Because these consequences are so severe, it is important to have an experienced Tucson domestic violence attorney supporting you.

How Long Is Jail Time For Domestic Violence In Arizona?

Most often, first time offenders who are convicted are spared jail but that is not always the case. What is known as aggravated domestic violence is a Class 5 felony under Arizona law and the punishment can be up to 30 months in prison for an initial conviction.

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